Carrots are in season at this time of year, they are a root vegetable and are sweet tasting! Wonderful raw or cooked these are among the most acceptable vegetables to children in my experience…

And as crudité they are a good way of getting some raw veg into the diet, the benefit of raw vegetables are that they are higher in fibre, as the cooking process hasn’t started the process of breaking them down for us, also it means that the cooking hasn’t caused any loss to the nutritional values and the enzymes will still be in tact!

Sliced raw carrot (crudité) are a brilliant snack, and I know all us nutritionists say that, but they really are, really portable and tasty. In a world where fast snacks are generally full of s**t making a little bag of veg sticks and taking a pot of hummus is not a bad idea and I never seem to get bored of it……. is that just me!?

So what do you get from eating carrots, well they are they contain the highest amount of A carotenes as any common veg. One carrot contains 2x your daily recommended vitamin A intake. High in vitamin C, K, B6, B1,biotin and minerals like potassium they are a brilliant source of goodness for us.

Carrots do have quite high levels of sugars for a vegetable but then the fibre in them is high too so if you are eating the whole veg then you don’t need to worry about this…. it is a favourite ingredient for juicers, and rightly so, if you are worried about your blood sugar levels then make sure you have a handful of nuts or something to slow absorption.

It isn’t a myth, they actually are good for eyes, helping to protect against macular degeneration and cataracts and improving night vision.

They have loads of antioxidant power and because of that eating carrots on a regular basis can help with heart conditions, some cancers have been shown to decrease with a higher carotene intake… One a day to keep the doctor away!

So aside form eating them raw, I love to roast them, and mash them with some chives and coconut oil or butter. Or another way of getting a bit of raw carrot into your diet is to spiralize them, they make a lovely vegetable spaghetti.