Bee Pollen

One of the most complete foods on the planet so they say! It is food for young bees and contains more amino acids (that are the building blocks for proteins) than other animal sources such as meat and eggs. It also has lots of enzymes, which are needed for all sorts of chemical reactions in the body.

It takes a lot for the bees to make bee pollen, which is why some people are not a fan, but nutritionally speaking it is a power-house and a teaspoon a day can be a great boost to your diet.

The benefits of bee pollen are varied and include helping with inflammation, immune boosting, boosting energy, helping the digestion and the beneficial bacterial colony of the gut and can help fertility as it can help ovarian function.

Bee Pollen has a high antioxidant level as well as B vitamins and is able to reduce histamines, which will help with things such as eczema and hayfever.

Add it to a smoothie or sprinkle on your porridge and feel the bee love!