All about asparagus

Asparagus is in season now,and really does look weird shooting out of the ground like little green creatures popping up to say hello! This is one of the first veg to come into season in the UK and is definitely a sign that spring is here!

I am no gardening expert, but if you have the right soil these tasty green sticks are not so difficult to grow and as you will see in another blog this week growing your own is getting more and more popular with people being very inventive with even the smallest spaces! For asparagus, you need to buy crowns to plant otherwise you will be waiting for 3 years to see any harvest! Anyway I digress, this isn’t a grow you own piece, it is about the wonders of asparagus!

And wondrous it is. The reason they make your pee smell is because of an amino acid called asparagine, and this is partly why asparagus has diuretic qualities, so is helpful if you have odema (water retention).

It is great for hangovers helping to break down the toxins from alcohol.

It is full of glutathione which is the mother of all antioxidants, which helps mop up free radicals. It also has vitamin B9 which works with other B vits to release energy from our food and nourish our nervous system. It is also good for inflammation because it blocks inflammatory chemicals and so can be useful in arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

You can gently steam, eat raw, blanche quickly, grill or juice. I love asparagus al dente and with a simple squeeze of lemon and a bit of salt and pepper… maybe a little bit of parleys chopped up on top…. Bring on the asparagus that is what I say!