Agnus Castus and Red Clover. Amazing for balancing hormones!

I love these two herbs, and I usually take them every day in my juice or smoothie or a glass of water. I have great success with them together and on their own in clinic and personally!

I started taking red clover for PMS and in particular tender breasts a good few years ago, within the first month they were so much better.

I tend to use red clover for women who are dealing with troublesome periods and related hormonal symptoms, although it is helpful for hot flushes too. Red clover has been a little star and helped, mood swings and cramps and breast tenderness for a lot of my clients!

Then there is Agnus Castus, I use this more with my perimenopausal clients, but again is wonderful for PMS if you suffer from any of the following symptoms! Mood swings, fluid retention, irritability and also if your cycle is shorter than it should be!

You should take both these in tincture form and they have an accumulative effect, so taking them as consistently as you can over a 3 month period should bring results!