Activated Charcoal…

The ‘IT’ product on the market at the moment is activated charcoal used for supplementation, skincare, oral care and just about anything – I must say I am a big fan too! To clear up any confusion, unlike regular charcoal, which is a known carcinogen, activated charcoal is slowly burnt wood, peat or coconut fibres that is treated with oxygen. In fact it is known to be medicinal and frequently used in Chinese medicine and Auyervedic methods.



Charcoal comes in a powder form but also available in capsules. It can be added to water, juice, smoothie. I add it to my superfood powder shake every morning, I use a company called arrix. Using activated charcoal on a daily basis is a great way to give your body a little extra help in our toxin-filled environment. If you take the capsules, – it is best to take it between meals and a few hours after using any vitamin or mineral supplements, as it may interfere with the absorption of these into your body.



Attracts and removes free radicals and any unwanted substances

Balances PH levels

Supports healthy immune function

Supports the bodies natural detoxification process

Relieves digestion

Helps with inflammation

Alleviates gas & bloating – It works by binding the gas-causing byproducts in foods that cause discomfort

Water Filtration – removes toxins for water

Skincare – draws out impurities