A nutritious ‘HIGH FAT LOW CARB’ September… PART 1

For the month of September I am embarking on a month of high fat low carb nutritious eating and would love for you to join me. We are going to be following a well balanced keto plan and I’ll be introducing you to all its benefits and some new recipes along the way.

High fat low carb are the buzz words at the moment- that and fasting so I wanted to take a deep dive into this for you, really explain it and demonstrate how to do it safely should you wish to try it yourself.

We used to feast and then famine because that was how hunters and gather’s lived, they had no choice but to feast when they could and then every now and then and then go long periods of time with little to no food (fasting) As human beings we are hardwired and programmed to eat when we can but nowadays the majority of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by food ALL THE TIME! Enter todays societies on-going diet culture… paired with the fact that we eat all the time because food is THERE all the time our bodies are ding the total opposite of how our ancestors might have lived and ate not to mention the quality and simplicity of their food.


Carbohydrates were also extremely rare, consumption was low as grains were just not a big part of our diet (think paleo) and 3 consistent meals a day plus convenient snacks 7 days a week was unimaginable. Cut to today when food is at our disposable we have chronic inflammation, little to no movement daily, sedatary lifestyles (computer by day, television by night) weight problems, diabetes, heart disease etc.  – Eating a wholefood healthy diet leaning in the ketogenic direction this means focusing on good fats, lean organic protein and low in carbohydrates is a fantastic way to eat forever not just for a 2 week quick fix crash diet that so many people nowadays try. Add intermittent fasting to the mix if that works for you and you have a really healthy manageable recipe for keeping a balanced healthy weight, reducing brain fog, increasing insulin sensitivity, and generally feeling brighter, clearer and less sluggish.

I’d also like to reiterate that we are going for mild keto/high fat low carb. Your ketone levels will rise through the night if you have good clean breaks between meals. So this month let’s really focus on mild nutritious keto, helping insulin sensitivity by using protein and fats instead of carbs is a positive way forward. Some key things to remember this week: high quality good fat, low carb intake and good quality clean protein. Nutritious and quality are really the key words here.