A bit about hair and skincare…

As with my household cleaners I try to use organic natural and paraben and SLS free products for my hair and skin. Obvioulsy I know all about toxic load and how this effects the body, but I think the thing that really bought it home to me was having children and thinking about what you are putting onto their perfect soft skin! I didn’t want to pollute them in any way, and when you realise how powerful the skin is you know whatever goes on, ends up in!

I now know that the skin is infact the largest organ of the body and is amazing at absorbing creams and soaps or whatever you put on it! So it makes sense to me then that we should only put things on our skin that we would be happy to put in our mouths! The skin is also super important for the detoxification of our body, so clogging it up with lots of chemicals from creams is going to inhibit our ability to get rid of toxins.

The shampoo, conditioner and soap in the picture are form my local super market, there are a wide variety of products in varying price ranges, I am a big fan of green people, but have a look around and let me know which ones you like… It is always good to hear about new products!