5 days of yoga and fasting… Heaven

I am lucky enough to be on a 5 day juice detox and yoga retreat with some of my girlies and we are having a lovely lovely time…

It is a great thing to do for lots of reasons, the repair of our overall body being the main one. By resting the digestive system you save 50% of your energy and it can be used else where to repair any damage.

It is also good for brain clarity (see below! working away even on holiday!)… you really do feel amazing mentally and physically, this is really 5 days of self care and self love.

I have taken an extract from my book ‘Juice’ and put it below for you, I do have 1, 2 and 3 day juice fasts in my book, when you want to do a longer cleanse going away is sometimes the best, and easiest option.

I don’t necessarily find it easier to fast for longer because of what I do, and lets face it I am not know for being well behaved all the time, so my liver could defintely do with a longer detox,  I try to go away once a year and do exactly that, doing yoga every day is a wonderful luxury and helps the lymph move all the toxins out…and helps my stiff body get a bit more movement!

Aside from all the benefits we know, as a holiday it is truly amazing, you feel like a new person when you return and truly rested, motivated and positive. Going away with friends is a treat too, you can have a really good catch up and everyone is just high on life, it is brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend it!

From my book ‘Juice’….


Fasting may be one of the oldest forms of healthcare there is! When sickness hits us, many of us do not feel like eating at all. We rest and conserve our energy to heal the body. Eating, chewing and digesting food takes 50 percent of our energy everyday, so it makes sense to me that by not taking in food for a day or 3, we will have 50 percent more energy to heal and repair other areas of our body.

We are going to focus on detoxing through liquid fasting. By using juices and smoothies that encourage the toxins out of the tissue and into the bloodstream, we can then excrete them from our body and achieve a lower  weight loss, alertness, mental sharpness, better sleep, anti-ageing, better transit time and water retention amongst many others.

I try to fast 1 day every week. If you can do this too, by the end of the year you will have done 52 days fasting. Obviously this doesn’t happen every week for me, life isn’t that straightforward, but I do try though. For me personally, it helps me to stay on the ‘straight and narrow’, reminding me to eat clean food, especially if I have had a less than ideal weekend! Yes, I do this on a Monday to start the week with a bang. It really set me on the right track and gets my energy and positivity levels up.

For a more intense cleanse, juice fasting for 2 or 3 days goes deeper. It is more committed and needs more willpower. I tend to do longer fasts after holiday seasons when I haven’t been able, or wanted, to do a weekly fast. A 2-day fast is great if you can’t do a weekly detox. It is more concentrated and you could do this once a month. The 3-day plan is a twice a year event. It may be tough, but you do feel very rejuvenated afterwards. It will allow your gut and bowel to have a complete rest, and encourage cleansing of the colon. It is not only your body that starts to feel lighter, clearer and more energized, your mind can become very clear too.