14 Day Lean and Restore

I’ve teamed up with Catherine Champion – an advanced Personal Trainer and British Triathlon Coach to bring you a sustainable 14 day plan to support you nutritionally and physically. This will get you feeling leaner, strengthen your immune system, rest your digestive system, reduce any inflammation in the body and replenish your body with an array of vitamins and minerals aswell as helping your liver and gut health.

Eggs, dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, wheat and deadly nightshades are off the menu for two weeks to help reduce any inflammation. So you are all aware deadly night shades are things like tomatoes, aubergine, white potato, courgette & goji berries. There are full lists online! After the two weeks some of these foods should be reintroduced gently.

During the two weeks it will be split up with 1-7 days eating 3 nutrient dense meals, a snack and a choice of restoriix powder or blue green algae powder. This will be followed by 2 liquid days (8-9) where you will have a mixture of soups, smoothies, juices and the optional powdered shake. Then on day 10-14 you’ll consume 3 nutrient dense meals and 2 shakes. Alongside this there will be a 30 day course of probiotics from Biokult to support your gut health.



Catherine has created some great workouts targeting each body part in a quick 20 minutes designed to get your metabolism going.

The pack includes 1x Food List, 1x Juice Recipes, 1x Food Recipes, 3x Menu Planners, 1x Supplement Protocol, 2x Questionnaire’s -1 before & after, 1x training plan/questionnaire, 1x product list

The way it works…

If you email info@rosemaryferguson.co.uk we will send your pack by post and you will get a unique login for Vimeo to access Catherine’s videos, this is a 12 month subscription. The full package is £99 or £35 for just the nutrition plan.