12 Days Of December | Day 7 | Organic v Not Organic ?

I would say yes, although you will see it isn’t always that straight forward especially with meat! My general reasoning for saying yes though is not whether or not organic food is or isn’t more nutrient dense (this is still to be decided, although I am very, very sure it is!) It is more to do with the toxins that make their way into your body when food isn’t organic, the pesticides, the hormones, the antibiotics and the fungicides, all those little poisons add up and increase your toxic load and this can have a big impact on your health, so for me if you can yes to organic!

When it comes to meat though my advice is to research the source of your food more than the plain old ‘organic or not’ argument.

The source of meat I buy is really important, where does the meat come from, is it not classed organic because of some bureaucratic red tape?

If you go to farmers markets you will find a lot of the farmers meat isn’t classed as organic but it is free range and grass fed, which is more important to a lot of people than it just being organic. For me, meat is the most important one to research as the animal can have so many different paths.

Organic doesn’t always mean good animal well fare, we have an image of animals on green pastures having a great quality of life sadly that certainly isn’t always the case.  You really do need a combination of organic, free range and grass fed to know that care been taken in life and death of the animal.



If you can find only organic , then what you are buying is an animal that has not been given any general antibiotics, but if that animal has been sick it might have been given some that are specific to that one animal; it won’t have been given any growth hormones and its feed is GMO free. I would go to your local butcher and be annoying and quiz them! They should know all the answers, otherwise a farmers market is the place to go!

When it comes to fish, try to eat smaller fish as they will have less pollution, farmed fish are more interfered with so fresh from the oceans and seas are the way forward! Salmon is a fave – wild Atlantic salmon is best!

When it comes to fruit and veg, I would buy organic if I can, if you can’t the make sure you peel and wash  really thoroughly.

Look at the *’Clean Fifteen’ and the *’Dirty Dozen’, I wrote a blog about them a while ago, and there is lots of info online. These two lists show the fruit and veg least affected by pesticides and the dirty dozen are the ones worst affected. The ones worst affected are often leaves, like spinach, because they get sprayed the most, Have a look though and then maybe you can buy organic for some of the bigger offenders!

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