12 Days Of December | Day 6 | Overeating

Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Not Sick!

I speak to a lot of people who say that they are on this cycle of Christmas gain weight, lose weight, Easter gain, lose, Summer gain, lose and repeat… Boring at the least and probably makes life pretty miserable!

Ok, it is true that at this time of year there is food everywhere we turn, whether it is mince pies, cakes, canapés, lunches, dinners, crisps, cheese the list goes on and on and on and on, and a lot of it we associate with celebrating Christmas and holidays and fun times, but the food hangover is far from fun so a little self discipline and sense, actually is what is needed I think!

And I do mean hangover, and as I said earlier it takes people months to sort themselves out after Christmas, which seems crazy and exhausting to me.

This is one very important thing you should know. It takes 30 minutes after eating for your brain to register you are full, so you can carry on eating and eating and before you know it you have eaten way too much and are feeling bloated, too full and not great at all. The best way to avoid this is to remember what a normal plate of food looks like! It is basically 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 complex carbs, 1/4 proteins, try to stick to this and it will help a lot!


You could also think about having a very light meal or a juice if you know you are having a big festive 4 course meal for either dinner of lunch. You don’t need to eat 3 massive meals a day, and it will make you feel sluggish as your body tries to process it all.

You can judge for yourself what works, I would always try to have a good breakfast, something like porridge that will keep you fuller for longer and your blood sugar level stable and then if you are having a big lunch perhaps have a soup or as I said a juice for dinner, not only will you wake up feeling lighter, you will have been realistic about the actual amount of food you need in one day. I don’t mean to take the fun out of Christmas eating, I am actually saying you can have it all, just not all day everyday for 3 weeks!

I promise you will feel better on a daily basis and definitely in January!