12 days of December | Day 3 |Stress

Stress can come in many forms, it can be the feeling of being unable to cope, anxiety, too much to do, feeling sad, lonely or it can be your body is physically stressed by toxins and lack of sleep.

Whatever the cause, the body responds to stress in the same way by releasing cortisol. This is great if it is a short sharp burst, but often in this day and age it is chronic and we are always is a state of stress! Not good!

How to help? Foods like alcohol and coffee, fizzy drinks (even diet kinds) are all very stimulating to the nervous system and will definitely not help the situation, and while it is hard to avoid to odd tipple at this time of year, keeping it in check will do your nerves the world of good!

Having said that I know that we all like to have a good time so if it is toxins that are causing the stress then have a look at the hangover blog for that sort of support, and just remember to eat veg and fruit…. for the antioxidants. Your liver as always is the organ that is in charge of getting rid of excess cortisol as well as all the baddies in our systems so supporting the liver is pretty crucial to reducing physical stress.

B vitamins are among some of the most important vitamins for your nervous system. So taking a supplement would be a good idea, alcohol and lack of sleep zaps the B vits in our bodies. Magnesium is another nutrient that will help us to keep calm, so taking up to 600mg of Mg per day would be great, other things that are helpful are omega 3s, as stress causes inflammation in the body. If you want you could just take a good multi it for the duration.

Do a little exercise, walk to work, take 5 mins to just walk and and not worry or do anything! Maybe invest in a massage or 2 before Christmas. And SLEEP! make sure you get enough no less than 6 hrs!

Remember you can say no, sometimes the amount we think we have to do is what stresses us out the most, so learn to say NO. You don’t need to be out every night of the week. It should be a fun time of year, not a marathon that we just feel that we have to endure!

And if all this fails remember to BREATHE! find somewhere to sit and take a few deep breaths to help the blood pressure and slow the heart rate and calm yourself to a point where you don’t feel so overwhelmed!