12 Days of December | Day 2 |Digestive Survival

Ok, firstly I would ask if you need to go totally over the top? I have in the past and then I spend all of January trying to undo all the naughtiness of December! Now I am no angel but I would prefer to be a little careful through out this time of year and not feel absolutely shattered and bloated by the time January arrives!

Even on a daily basis I don’t like to feel so full that I can’t move. So this is my first port of call…. How much do you have on your plate? Try to have smaller sized helpings and if you stick to 50% of your plate being veggies then you will go a long way to keeping your meals as light as can be!

CHEW CHEW CHEW. Your digestion will need as much help as it can to break down all the extra and probably richer foods you are consuming so give it a hand by taking your time to chew your food properly.

There are simple home remedies that will help your digestion to keep moving, something like a cap full of apple cider vinegar before your eat will help the fire in you belly, it will help the release of bile which helps in the digestion of fat.

Supplement wise things like digestive enzymes can be helpful. Taken before a meal they boost the enzymes we need to break down fats, carbs and proteins. Things like papaya and pineapple are great for this too. There is a nice product called D’Mix from conscious foods that is specifically for helping digestion and would a wonderful addition to your day at this time of year. Also make sure you are up to date with your probiotics, if you haven’t taken any for a while then do a 30 day course now and again in 6months.

Fibre is hugely important for a healthy transit time, so make sure you are getting lots, flax seeds and psyllium are good to add to shakes and smoothies if you are worried, but if you are eating lots of fruit and veg and whole grains you should be fine.

And lastly make sure you are hydrated… Lots of water and herbal teas. You could have a green powder drink once a day too if possible, great for electrolytes and alkalising as well!